Writing the 2017-2018 Common Application Essay: Prompt #1

hi this is Kevin with word advice thanks for joining us in our series on the common application essay today we will discuss prompt number one for the essay a meaningful background identity interest or Talent so let’s look at the prompt some students have a background identity interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it if this sounds like you then please share your story as you can see we’ve highlighted four terms and bold background identity interest or talent now though you should have by now probably brainstormed some ideas about what you’re going to write on this topic is so vast that today we’re going to try and narrow it down a little bit so let’s look at the four components the first one is background if you have perhaps a non-traditional background maybe you’re part of an ethnic group or you grew up in a disadvantaged area you have had a challenging upbringing or very unique perhaps you spent a year traveling the world with your family when you were young you might want to focus on that background identity is the second area that you can focus on maybe you are a member of an interesting subgroup or subculture so if you identify with a cultural or a national heritage that is different from the mainstream heritage of the society in which you live or maybe you’re an unlikely fan of a game or political affiliation that might be something for you to focus on here whatever it is that makes you you is what you want to show the admissions officer here now the next area is interest an esoteric or highly unusual area of interest is best to focus on for example if you love doing a horticultural you’re taking horticulture classes you might discuss about a garden project you’ve been working on or if you restore old model airplanes you might talk about what brought you to that behavior what brought you to that hobby and how it impacts your life and makes you who you are you want to talk about something that’s special or endearing something that’s special to you and that will endear the admissions officer to you as a person if you remember the purpose of the application essay is to give the admissions officers more information about you also if you are a member of an interest group or club that does productive activities goes out into the community this would be a great opportunity to focus on that perhaps again going back to horticulture if you have a gardening group or you are interested in a community clean up if this interests you you can show the officers how your productivity has impacted both you and the community and what you live the last interest or the last area that you can focus on for this prompt is Talent you should keep in mind that you don’t have to have an extraordinary ability you don’t have to be a world-class gymnast or have won a Chess Championship you can talk about a normal ability it could be a useful skill that benefits those around you or demonstrates creativity effectiveness or leadership skills maybe you’ve brought members of the community together on occasions to work on public projects or negotiated peace between members of groups at school or you could talk about how you’ve created and executed difficult projects abilities like these really show that you you’re not just doing something for yourself but you’re doing something to help those around you that’s going to be hugely beneficial to help you stand out from other applicants it could be something as simple as having a way of helping others if you were for example a math tutor or English or science tutor for those that lack the ability again this would show how you use your talent to help others you don’t want to focus just on how good you are at something for example if you are a world-class piano player talking about how you’re better than the other piano players is not going to endear the admissions officers to you rather showing how you’ve overcome difficulty with your talent or used it to benefit your life or the lives of others is really going to be something that will stand out in this essay so once you have chosen an area to write on a very specific area you will move on to your next step which is to pick a story you want to find a compelling story or anecdote to start your essay that illustrates a point you want to make about yourself and this should be a real life moment something that actually happened and when we say compelling we mean it in the sense of it should have emotion it should have a clear storyline even if it’s very short it should make the reader feel where you’re coming from what were your motivations and you know some sort of impact in your story you should have a problem and a solution for example if you chose the topic of an area of background and you spent a year with your family traveling Europe I’m sure even in that situation there were many problems in solutions the problem might be you didn’t have school for a year you weren’t allowed to socialize with your friends the solution might be that you learned how to overcome that you made new friends in other countries for instance so having a problem in a solution shows that you’re able to resolve difficulties in your life and create solutions for problems that you might have once you’ve picked a story and honed in on a little segment of your experience or background you want to think about creating an anecdote an anecdote is just a little story of compelling mini story that shows the details of your general story whether it’s your identity or your background so what you want to do is start in the middle of this story and taking that world trip for instance instead of discussing what you did before that what were the steps to plan that trip you know I was 13 when my parents decided to go on a trip I had to cancel classes ABC instead of structuring it like an academic essay better to think about it as a short fictional story where you start in the middle of the action for instance if you are talking about your ethnic identity as an important part of who you are you might pick a time when that identity created a crisis where you are confronted with something difficult that you had to overcome whether it’s a conflict with another person or whether it created any kind of difficulty in your life so start right in the middle of that period of your life and in doing this you will grab the reader’s attention like we mentioned before we have hundreds or thousands of essays that readers are that applicants will be submitting so if your essay grabs the attention of the admissions officer that’s going to be the one they remember and you’re going to be the one that’s in their minds when they’re deciding who to admit to their school after you’ve created an anecdotes you want to tell a back story you want to give the reader some history to let them know about the process now here’s where you can talk about what led up to for example your trip abroad for a year you want to stay focused on that trip though on that experience so if you’re discussing your vacation abroad or your your your abroad your education your experience you don’t want to stray into other social activities you focus on how that experience affected you and what you did to prepare yourself for it give lots of details so this is important both in the anecdote portion and in the back story so don’t be vague about it tell your age tell us give sensory details give your emotional feelings at the time talked a lot about how this experience impacted you informed your personality the last step in your essay is to finish strong and creating a conclusion in many people’s minds is just a conclusion is just restating what you said at the beginning that’s only part of it of course you want to link back to the beginning so for instance if you’re talking about your trip abroad you want to remind the reader that that was the seminal important moment in your life so in a conclusion you might say that moments when we arrived at the port in Greece and I knew nobody I didn’t speak the language I didn’t realize at the time that period in my life would shape by history which shaped the rest of my life in my destiny that would be a good example of linking that seminal experience to to your overall personality and who you are you want to think about the conclusion as a status update on social media we might say today I’m eating a hamburger or something so you’re giving the reader an insight into who you are right now so the anecdote the back story is your history the conclusion is where you are now and that should show the officers that you’re ready for higher education and to further prove your point being prepared for a higher education you can talk about your future goals how this experience has prepared you for study at University maybe for graduate school what are your goals after university if you have any show that you have ambition and that this moment is not just a moment in time it’s an experience and a background that is prepared you for future goals so let’s talk about some things to do on this essay and some things to avoid in this essay do make it personal it’s a personal narrative so you can include lots of pronouns such as I me we my our family my feelings you want to give the reader a sense of who you are how it affected you again provide lots of details sensory details what were the smells what were the sounds what were your feelings were you feeling anxious were you scared did you feel overwhelmed those signaling adjectives can really make the reader feel like they’re in your place which is exactly what you want and please do focus on personal growth again you’re showing how you’ve grown because of this background this identity this talent this experience you want to show how it has made you into the full person with the GPA with the test scores that you are today here are some things to avoid in this essay avoid just telling your story show it you’ve heard of the axiom show don’t tell that means in your anecdote for instance you can show dialog with quotation marks instead of just saying my teacher was upset you might say my teacher told me we don’t want people like you in this class you know that really shows the concrete details of the situation and puts the reader in the place of the narrator which is you avoid boasting or bragging too much especially if you focus on talent again if you choose an interest or talent show how that talent made you a better person show how it impacted your growth and always remember on any of these essay prompts narrow it down you’re not trying to give a summary of your life in 650 words or less you really only have time to give the details and the impact of one area one experience in your life so there is your overview of prompt number one for the 2017-2018 common app essay if you have any questions or would like more information visit

Patanjali Vs Baidyanath | Motivational Case Study in Hindi | Dr Vivek Bindra

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] so everything that self-cam every week Ventura International motivational speakers leadership consultant CEO coach whopper sound exciting topic at those steps can they’re billion-dollar business case a karate Ajay come on those steps killer billion-dollar business Jessica lucky as I exciting her pahala but Angela is Asian or doosra mcdonaldization one more time come on but Angela is Asian mcdonaldization chili Shahrukh arte a calculate a pedal attempt at Angela’s ation he pattern generation chhote Pathan Jelena kya kiya actually but Angelina 880 ha stretch ah hammer addition the economic times case are say ugly tata birla Swami Ramdev even evil a heron motto Yaga but Angelica Branca recall value it not Giada but suka a diskette top five brands in can recall values as I wish my Patanjali Kaname Shamar ho gaya hai aaj bed they’re not sauce salsa tzadikim karahi there did not be Ayurvedic product bitch raha looking better not cut turnover stop so Karoli Baba Ramdev cut turnover sorry does a darker all hair odd the undie jaga hundreds at soccer or prohibit the knots at soccer or pay hair lick and our artists are Corp a poacher Patanjali sorry thus a dark road with mangia Unilever could for Kibaki sorry FMCG company Bob Arum disappear with John take Aaron capitalization Jota the Andes jaga eek girl T hunderd or better not lava tarkir with a silly doko he compare kurta hair Patanjali or bad Dana don’t know are you ready products colleague a famous swing better not kiss solid start so patented product hair like in Patanjali capacity all started in so pro telegrapher be better not soccer or pay Patanjali sorry thus a darker or pay guarantee I Samaj here Barbra Jean a market Kim need custom just cobalt a patandjill ization how many kunam the apart angela is asian mcdonaldization speed cabaret my head but analyzation need cabaret me but then the relations in need homogeneity a mcdonaldization Yannick he met dollars a burger bonnet i would speed 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but there’s a manic a shot where they not a play on pony but Elsa Carl Icahn babaji apneaapp Copa del gay but in a shoe room he are you with coach for dia are you Ricky USP kopaka Leah or go fast moving consumer goods FMCG candor tail shampoo Saban toothpaste cream beauty product sonic item her item can Babaji need a product range use kuriboh uwu use curry do it today but check Obi pasanda jayegi are to be better it be item s an intraday but chase the mal karta hoon I uploaded a video declare up mr. shaadi ke ho do been active with some animal control again Patanjali guess democratically Patanjali nay you see Ayurvedic Oh Easter has a present Kia history it’s a boon made allies to make a shampoo stray get a list ready power with a chocolate banana dolly Jacoby person Daria if Celia will guard her a Charlie call value generate kazakh baba ji ki cosmati i are you ready are you ready trend a Hadiya are you welcome market he need a shot match circadian cobalt a potential ization hobart not me a gorg LT curry our cheeks are solidly initial satrom a Pandit Ram they are Joshi or Wed around Lorraine Shah Mardan o mighty Donna Melchor hey al dente which are lugia how of course Pandit Ram they all do but I entrepreneur T or red Ram Narayan Sharma mr. McKee subset with demand whether a hard Kenda the known as she met the not are you with Mahone kissed hot Nathalie unleashes at remain a Churchill rata Pandit Ram Dayal Joshi or with romney-ryan Sharma kiss at me in Kok put through hue in K petrukha put through hue I’ve been kaput Roque de puta hey Bobby we apart me on akela taeyeon who took a family tree boss well gee I better not care business kangjae get be divided with you guys Inca business independent separate identities may convert focus ilaha sorry my own airplane may be apart ala kulli a are divided non unified leadership hona egg Baba karana organisation kwacha brain call with kadhi call valued not generate hope Anna to see trav Baba Ramdev or HRA Balkrishna ki unified undivided leadership made decision-making fast or Bochy who teach illegal Johnson business Kabbalistic a he undivided out unified leadership tota either of detail Madonna chart a the open house key program is aru Yoga is everything about leadership leadership funnel K program may say my name a hum aapke Puritan deco family then bitch let’s go next level Pelican John Sakata he watched a family-run business he Karen Kosta Boda chale gaye alchemy family-run with to leadership funnelkit program may I hear family than entrepreneurial but let’s go develop karna man I scalpel Akkadian ma up ki hand-holding Kirk ERP monitoring it Kevin Kisner kahani tsunami ki jagah may K steady scheme mother’s day of Naevia Padukone power canaima lagoon heat content up Godfather they got mcdonaldization cart a speedball hana mcdonaldization carter efficiency banana market can eat so of course emoji are they McDonald’s is no Dicky attention span odd somatic ikata mooted RI Nietzsche Hotel awry attention span batch Ananias demonic endurance a silly a local speed chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya Papagena any FMCG cap or a ecosystem custom algea contractor is he Hindustan Unilever Procter & Gamble Dawber or Himalaya Emami in he K contractor vendors are you Thai or apne packaging positioning curry / audit key under Ayurvedic properties liquor KIII you with attorney mature FMCG Keturah immature then DJ can need the sahaja yogi up speed gets a high-speed bhajana Kelly a variation cyst and realization pajama party got Six Sigma K is called handy Jenga variation set standardization pajama party got McDonald’s Cup burger is not running here like a mosquito speed and I was hitched went there to educate study here McDonald’s odd eight billion burger dunya Mikhail Asuka hi AHA mera pehla be videos like to get is Amana Gupta burger Valerie McDonald he keep steady go discuss keyattr mcdonald’s a scuffle easier to get systems of efficiency here operational excellence are Chaka high his Six Sigma training be observatory in Korea Hamdi jaga variation safe standardization is saya tyotka reliability it’s a but the ARP operational efficiency its seperti optic consistency but got the Equality or her product may uniformity I at the hey Shania play ISO certifications cabaret make Yahoo they a he SOPs banana me of commodity standard operating procedures Manjit a recipes Raja galaxy has acted hey soup with upkeep finance Malika Joss at the admin me a charming legal mail accounts care and salesman marketing Miho production may ho k CB Department may SOPs Janicki standard operating procedure liquid asset a low ISO certifications may be sekai de Arte go Six Sigma this keema baccara ops a jar variations a standardization Pillai data is ecoboost a mcdonaldization up nib market can need to identify currently with two keval aapke idea I like endeavour process orientation Kentucky speed but Athiya McDonald speedy current Java Java potentially need the current Yamazaki ei dunno duniya ke but a conglomerate spent a chelladurai bought Falcon butter here agar apni dunno key strength kotake giorgia dough up cup then that billion dollar business li trillion dollar business because act ahead many it’s her idea Kinkaid studies commence a high-quality content may opt at bachata rahu it me expensive wooded areas management kipper hi mbak private colleges odds cha ta ke baare mein aapki j po Catlin la kokoro repair car turnip or Todd’s management keeper likely I’d manage the mid are you high here K any case study came at them say it’s coming free up me free learning University schema that’s a Harvick t tuc a play Hindustan may porch on a chart on Harvey apart eco and power Carnac a manager subnautica it’s Mickey edema that cannot shine gay did maybe what’s that blue can their church with a buddy-buddy businessman a unko video solution Korea capita que conseguir para Kasich upon Jai up guys video share Cadmus a Harvard let me get to needy community a speedy cameo T up Kobe dick na webcam business me Kenya bear did not kiss a man code LT Tony Conway whatever happened need Packer Billy at okay up Kate and Amy speed ahi viene ahí here Baba Ramdev the sulky under a hawk rocket and Dhekelia k op me with Santa he he he he a promotion tahe make him sell via the app maker pala to leadership funnel key program is the Rue de a here mobile number a beef phone career potala via a glittery cup key hey Sookie dustman at candor booted and Dickey needles beat them down a male moose kill her other I would say milk a personal email a chart a leadership funnel may the may up kima that karoon watch a make a program me up can her name and need COBOL honey me or update and Iggy speed Cobra honey we’re at history memory dope Russian hey Bella brush nahi but Angelina Casa Hickey Arvada not nickel at Kiamichi leak a uniquely Patanjali Mikasa Hickey Abed inapplicability ax Mitchell ek where the not Eagle to give I remember time but angeleka Takagi I remember time or do Samara brush the hair mcdonaldization or patandjill ization sapna kasica when we do charge a battery bilirubin Tiger but egg but my poster child oh I’m secure our Kui Kei steady beat video calf Idaho time Agora collector is certified Ahura too much it comes up like DJ didn’t it looked like sign him as a much fun working I couldn’t video safe Ida or I in videos could technically abroad bought the Nevada Agora please subscribe nakiya’s Ruger cable icon co-ed career as a koi be important video subsequently after pond jaga thank you very much [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Content marketing works. I mean, the proof

is there. I’ve been sharing these statistics for 8 years now. HubSpot has done this famous

study on blogging. They looked at over 13,500 bloggers and they found out that the blogs

marketers published, the more inbound traffic they got to their website. And they found

that an accumulation of more content brings more leads. For example, those who published

more than 400 blogs got twice as much traffic as those that have less than 400 blogs. And

if you’ve read my blogs, you know this one too. The current ROA (Return on Advertising)

is as low as 0.6. That went way down from 11.8 times ROA back in 2016. Compare it to

the ROA on organic content, which is anywhere from 14 to 16 percent conversion from your

onsite traffic. But here’s the thing. The average time spent to see content marketing

results are anywhere from 12 to 18 months. That’s what Joe Pulizzi said.

Now, after 8 years of building content, we see results like Top 3 of Google results in

as little as 30 days, but that’s not realistic for most new content marketers. Here’s the

thing about content marketing that you have to know; it works but only if you set it up

to work. Hey guys, I’m Julia McCoy, I’m a growth-focused

content marketer. I identify as a content hacker, which is the name of my new brand

launching this June. I’m also the CEO of Express Writers and Author and Blogger. Thank you so much for joining me on today’s

video. So, those statistics on content marketing that I shared at the beginning of this video,

that more content equals more leads; consistency is key and the proof is there that content

does work way better than traditional advertising. Well, I’ve been sharing those for years now

and what I see are a lot of marketers still stuck in a rut.

Today’s video is for those that are in that rut. I’m going to call you out because I care

about you. I think that many of you are just a few feet away from what could be content

marketing greatness. But here’s the thing, if you’re not getting the fundamentals right,

which we’ll go over in a minute, and you’re not being consistent about producing great

content, all the while complaining about a lack of leads, traffic, visitors and ultimately

sales. Well, I can tell you if you just sat down and fixed some of these glaring problems,

those leads, those visitors, those sales would come. \

The real problem in concert marketing is that most content marketers think of content as

a quick fix, instead of building a house, which to really be successful that’s what

it’s like. And why are thinking of it like that? They’re over here complaining about

all the things they don’t have — those traffic leads and sales — which they could have if

these fundamentals and principles were right. We’ve got to stop being absent on our company

blog. We’ve got to fix our site fundamentals that are wrong. We need to have a professional

take a look at all that icky content we’ve just let hang on our websites. It\’92s time

for us to stop complaining about the things we wish we had and start doing something about

it. Content marketing action takers are the content marketing winners. \

I’m a College dropout and I figured out content marketing after years of trial and error.

My story is proof that anyone can see content success. I’ve been blogging, I haven\’92t

missed a week for 8 years now. We’re at 90,000 visitors a month on our site and 14 to 16

percent of those leads are converting. We’re not the only success story of content; Moz,

Unbounce, CoSchedule, these are a few big players in the marketing and software industries

that have built their presence through great content.

OK. So, if you’re here watching this and you’re just not seeing success from your content,

let’s talk about how to fix that. I’m going to give you 3 ways that you can start implementing

today and you will see results start to happen right away. And long-term, you\’92re going

to be building that foundation for a great house where leads can find you, interact with

you and then eventually, buy your stuff. \ Number one: if your site isn’t fast, well

built, stable, user friendly, or built at all, this is your first step. \

OK guys, so Google has said that conversions drop by 12 percent per second of load time.

The more time it takes to load your site, the less your human lead, buyer, audience

member, is going to stick around. And a recent study done in 2017 has showed that one full

second — ready for this — can decrease conversion rates by 70 percent. So, if you have a website

and you’re not in that bracket of don’t even have a website yet, we’ll talk about you guys

soon. You can use this tool — I’m going to put it on the screen www.tools.pingdom.com

this is a free site speed checker. So, use this. See how fast your site is and if it’s

not fast, then you need a site developer to help you fix your site speed. \

OK. So, for those of you need who need your website fixed, rebuilt, and then for those

people who don’t even have a website yet, go get a WordPress developer. And you can

use a site like Upwork to quickly find top rated freelance developers that work per hour,

so it’s going to be easy to budget. You can set a budget, have them work by the hour,

pay them by the hour and for work done. WordPress developers can clean your site, fix your site,

rebuild it if it’s broken. If it’s not on WordPress, put it on WordPress, which by the

way, is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms out there. And make your site clean, beautiful,

user-friendly, fast. This should be your goal with your website and nothing less. And this

will lead to fit everything you do in content because without a good site, you can’t serve

good content. And you don’t even need to spend more than $30 to $50 an hour to find a really

good WordPress developer to help you out. And if you’re needing a brand-new site done,

that could cost you anywhere starting at $500 — $1000, depending on how many pages you want

to start out with. So, go get a great website, rebuild one if yours is crap, build one now

if you don’t have one. You’ll thank me later. \

Number two: research and put together an SEO report.\

I do this weekly. I research keywords for almost every new blog we create. Think of

finding the right keywords like this: you have a great house built, but you don’t have

your driveway yet and you don’t have your house number, how are people going to find

you? As do your keywords; optimizing your site with the right keywords to pull in the

people that are looking for you and your services on the web is like adding that number to your

house on the mailbox or paving that driveway, so people can drive up to your house and access

it. Without this house number, without this driveway, people are not going to find your

house. The same is true of not doing keyword research. Now, if you’re already known, you\’92re

an influencer, you’re a celebrity, you don’t have to do keyword research. But if you’re

none of the above, you should be doing it. \

After 8 years of doing consistent SEO research, I still find all these untapped opportunities

of low hanging fruit, where there is very little competition for a keyword and I can

create some great content around it, and rank in in the top 3 or 5 of Google. No matter

your niche, your industry, there are keyword opportunities out there. And get a Pro to

help you research these keywords if you don’t know what you’re doing. These tools are expensive.

For example, SEMrush is $100 a month but it’s one of the best tools you could use. Keyword

Finder is another great tool; it’s a little bit less cost, it starts around $20 or $30

a month. But once you have these tools, you need to know what you’re looking for, that’s

an art in and of itself. A link to a resource in this video description, where I talk about

how to find good keywords. \ And remember, a heavy trend in SEO is the

quality of the content on your site. So, once you have those keywords, the work isn’t done.

You need to create high quality content around those keywords. Otherwise, Google is just

not going to rank your site. If your content is riddled with typos, if the facts are missing,

if links to back up statistics aren\’92t there, this list goes on, that continent isn’t quality

and Google isn’t going to rank it. So, just like you wouldn’t try to build your house

yourself or remodel your kitchen yourself, unless you were a professional contractor,

don’t write your content yourself. If you don’t know how to build high quality onsite

content, get a writer and the long-term dividends will truly pay off. I promise you. \

OK, number 3, the last point: plan and set a consistent amount of content to happen on

your site on the regular. \ The best and easiest way to do this is through

a blog on your website. So, I’ve been able to uphold this goal of one high quality blog

per week, going strong for 8 years now. Some weeks, we publish two, three, four but our

goal is one per week at the minimum. So, we’ve been doing that for 8 years. I know marketers

that have been doing that for 20 years and that’s how they’ve built a huge presence and

a huge following. So, consistency in great content is really most of the secret sauce

to great content marketing once you have your fundamentals right. Also, images are really

important. You don’t just want to post content; you want to add great visuals. Take a look

at The Write Blog. So, everything we publish here has a uniquely designed header set. This

is something that I ask my designer to create for us, she creates it in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s super high quality and all the colors and styles match our brand — we have a clear

brand style. Using images, creating beautiful custom images for each blogpost, is a great

way to help your blog get more eyeballs. And don\’92t forget your social media, you need

to be sharing the content out that you create, so your friends, your followers, people that

might eventually become clients can find it and read it and interact with it. \

Email Marketing is going to be important of blogging too. You want to build a list, send

your new blogs to your list every week. \ OK, so that’s it, 3 ways to start getting

your fundamentals right so you can see content marketing success a lot sooner. And like I

said, this is a lot like building a house. This is not that cheap or fast or overnight

trick to get more sales and leads. It’s a consistent over time effort to bring long-term

results. And if you think about it, isn’t everything good in life kind of like that?

For example, marriage, you know; I have to work it out every day. I have to choose to

love my partner every day. Parenting is a lot like this too; you have to love your kid,

nurture your kid every day. So, why would we think of Marketing as anything different?

Why would we think that a quick trick is going to get long-term huge results? It’s just not

going to happen. \ I wanted to say this for the end because I

don’t want you to feel like you’re being pitched. Value is my main focus but if you need your

keywords researched, great content written, even a free content strategy consultation,

we do all that at Express Writers. We’re here to help businesses like yours grow through

content. You can get in touch with us today. You can actually see our services and our

pricing at www.expresswriters.com/content-shop Thanks so much for watching today’s video.

Want more content marketing real talk? Hit that subscribe button and then don’t forget

to hit the bell so you get notified every time I publish a new video.

And I’d love to hear what you thought of today’s video in the comments. So, let me know and

I’ll see you guys around.